The History of Wenzhou Eyewear Industry
Release time:2021-03-29

abstract:Wenzhou Eyeglasses Industry History


On December 20, 2005, Ouhai Economic Development Zone Louqiao Optical Industrial Park held a groundbreaking ceremony, Wenzhou Bada Optical Co.Ltd., Zhejiang Hindar Optical Co., Ltd. and other 37 enterprises into the park and Wenzhou outlook Optical Co., Ltd. and other 8 eyeglasses enterprises, Rui'an Mayu Industrial Zone gathered 33 eyeglass enterprises in the first phase.


So far, Wenzhou eyeglasses industry has formed "a center, two wings, around the radiation" regional layout and development strategy."A center" that is ouhai economic development zone Louqiao glasses industrial park, "two wings " that is lucheng shangshu industrial park andruian mayu special eyeglasses industrial parkThe complete industrial supporting system is composed of enterprises of eyeglass parts, eyeglass manufacturing, eyeglass plating, lens production, etc., forming the clustering of industrial chain.The effect is that all kinds of raw and auxiliary materials and accessories required for the production of eyeglasses can basically be purchased locally, which greatly reduces the production cost.Presented a certain scale of regional economy and more obvious industrial advantages, for the Wenzhou limit mirror enterprises bigger and stronger and industrial upgrading laid a solid foundation.


In 2005, the annual output value of the whole industry in Wenzhou reached 6.415 billion yuan, accounting for about thirty percent of the total output value of the country's eyeglasses, and the total export value of that year reached 5.47 billion yuan. of which the export volume of sunglasses accounted for about 40% of the world market share, while the total production value in 2006 and 2007, the total production value was maintained at over 7 billion yuan, Wenzhou has become one of the world's leading eyewear production sites.


After 2006, Wenzhou eyeglasses entered a new stage of development, not only the number of enterprises quadrupled to nearly 1,000, eyeglasses accessories, equipment, molds, electroplating, etc. have been shaped into a large-scale industrial chain, and the quality of enterprises has been greatly improved, Many enterprises have basically left the manual production mode of family workshops and gradually completed the process of capital accumulation, and a number of enterprises have completed the accumulation of the original capital and started to develop in the direction of large-scale, intensive and modernized enterprises.