IDOC Launches Monthly Webinar Series on Medical and Practice Management Topics
Release time:2021-04-02


April 1, 2021 — IDOC has launched eConnect, a monthly series of educational webinars designed to build on the learning available at The Connection, the company’s annual member conference. 

“We listened very carefully to what our attendees had to say, then designed an online education series that was relevant, topical, and convenient to access, regardless of practice location,” says Bridgette O’Brien, director of marketing at IDOC.

The series will explore relevant topics to the private practice community, with a focus on COPE-approved CE throughout 2021. Each live IDOC eConnect session is available free of charge to all independent optometrists through pre-registration. 

Last month’s webinar (sponsored by an educational grant from Neurolens) focused on the latest prism theories, discoveries, and treatments and garnered more than 300 registrants.

“IDOC has been excited about the eConnect concept for some time now,” says Dave Brown, IDOC CEO. “Our members have always been eager to expand their knowledge in the company of their peers, which is what makes the Connection so valuable. The events of last year made it apparent that there was a real need for high-quality online education, and eConnect helps to fulfill it.” 


This month’s webinar, “Review of Ocular Nutrition and Bioavailability of Omega Fatty Acids—The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly,” is scheduled for April 20 at 8 p.m. ET and will be presented by Vin Dang, O.D., FAAP. The webinar is backed by an educational grant from Science Based Health. 


To pre-register for the IDOC eConnect Series, visit