CooperVision Supports New Report on Myopia Awareness for Health Care Professionals
Release time:2021-04-02


March 21, 2021 — CooperVision has teamed up with Global Business Media to release a special report to help bring awareness to the increasing severity and prevalence of myopia in children among non-ophthalmic health care providers.

“Addressing the problem of myopia progression requires collaboration across the health care spectrum, with physicians, nurses and other care providers working alongside optometrists and ophthalmologists,” says Gary Orsborn, O.D., CooperVision’s vice president of global professional, medical, and clinical affairs. “As a global research, clinical, and education leader on the topic, it’s our privilege to gather several experts to succinctly frame the issue, highlight the science, and review intervention options. Our hope is this special report is one more step toward establishing myopia management as standard of care by eyecare professionals for the millions of children who are affected.” 

The report, which is part of Global Business Media’s Hospital Report series, draws insights from four global experts: Dr. Annegret Dahlmann-Noor, consultant ophthalmologist and director of children’s service at Moorfields Eye Hospital; professor Nicola Logan of the School of Optometry at Aston University; Dr. Kate Gifford, founder of Myopia Profile and an optometrist in Australia; and professor Mark Bullimore, a myopia consultant and adjust professor at the University of Houston. 

“This report lays bare a real urgency to act by all health professionals, who can gain a better grasp of myopia progression’s expanding impact, help encourage routine eye examinations for children, and refer parents to optometry and ophthalmology peers for counsel and care,” says Dr. Orsborn.

View the report here.