Linhai - "A Dark Horse" of China sunglasses Manufacturing Industry
Release time:2020-12-28

abstract:China Optical Manufacturing Industry


Linhai Optical main products are sunglasses, reading glasses, lens (Optical resin lens, acrylic lens and PC lens), frames, optical cases, optical accessories and optical manufacturing machinery & equipment etc. The annual production of sunglasses is 250 million pairs and more than 800 million pairs of lens. In 2018, Linhai optical export figure took up 50% of Duqiao optical total output value. Now it has formed a fine labor division and quality service to serve the optical industry.


In recent years, its optical e-commerce has grown rapidly with more than 1,000 optical online stores and nearly 10,000 e-commerce practitioners. The Sunglasses online sales volume occupies over 80% of the whole country market. Among so many excellent e-brands, the “Redmond Sunglasses” ranked in the first place of Taobao T-mall Sunglasses Category.

In order to expand the sales channels, build the market oriented and sales trading platform, Linhai established "Zhejiang Eyewear Market" which served in professional wholesale, retail and dispensing. It also opened "China Eyewear Market" in UAE and Dubai. Linhai Optical is well known both at home and abroad, Yingchang Group (Prsr) is one of the best brand companies. Up to now, there are around 60,000 local people engaged in optical related industry in Duqiao. Eyewear business has become one of the booming, promising and featured industries in Duqiao.