China Eyewear Acetate Industry Develops by Leaps and Bounds in Recent Years
Release time:2020-12-28

abstract:China Eyewear Acetate Industry



China is one of the big eyewear acetate manufacturing countries. Eyewear that using acetate for raw material are favored by consumer all over the world. The main eyewear acetate materials types are blacking, tortoiseshell, osmosis tortoiseshell, jointed board, high definition, a variety of monochrome and multi - monochrome, numerous products range and used in different frame legs or bracket. As one of the raw materials for eyewear, acetate has a good texture and beautiful color, it is pursued by international premium and second-tier brands. 


 1. China Acetate Industry started late, but has a great development potential


Most of the Global Acetate Manufacturing enterprises located in China, while a small number enterprises gathered in Italy Europe. China Eyewear Acetate Industry started in 2004, with weak foundation, it is not easy to get a large share of the Global Eyewear Acetate Market. 


There are over 50 domestic acetate enterprises and mainly located in Wenzhou and Guangdong. Jinyu, Jimei, Jinliang, are TOP 3 enterprises in the field of Eyewear Acetate in China. Jinyu’s advantage is full range of color and innovative product, while Jimei is quick delivery and efficient management. Jinliang is full of vitality and good at new product development.


Besides Jimei, there are more than 20 enterprises such as Xinmeitai Zhongzhou, Tongquan, Jucheng in Guangdong Province. As the Global High-quality Eyewear Manufacturing Base, Wenzhou City is proud of its outstanding enterprises like Jinyu, Jinliang, it also has over 30 excellent acetate enterprises like Xipu, Zhongsu, Zhongao, Bensemei, Jincheng, Liangcai. 


2. Future Expectation of China Acetate Industry: Catch up & develop, the future is promising


①. China Acetate Advantage


After more than twenty years development, China Acetate products are good as foreign products in color design, product level and quality. Moreover, it’s cheaper than the foreign acetate products in terms of price.


Beautiful color: The domestic and foreign acetate products are neck and neck at optical market. The domestic acetate has developed over ten thousands colors. The acetate color development technology is no longer belongs to foreign acetate giants. 


Superior quality: Domestic acetate enterprises generally hold lean production values focus on craftsmanship, pay attention to innovation and the production of acetate is as good as foreign acetate production.


Low price: The production and management cost of domestic acetate enterprises is generally lower than foreign acetate enterprises, so domestic acetate products have the low price advantage.


②. The market share of China Acetate Industry in the global acetate market is increasing


China Acetate Industry starts late but it has a rapid development in optical field. With the advantage and strength of domestic eyewear manufacturing, more and more international premium and second-tier eyewear brand orders are accelerating to China,  meanwhile, Guangzhou high-end eyewear industry transferring to Wenzhou gradually, Wenzhou industrial chain is strengthening and showing more and more strong vitality.


The hard-working spirit of Wenzhou entrepreneurs is a true portrayal of Chinese Optical Manufacturing Community. It lays a solid foundation for the innovation and development of the domestic eyewear industry. It also pave the way for the domestic acetate enterprises to increase its portion in the global acetate market share in the future.