NoteOptics Operation Guide - For Buyers

1. Log in to the website: Then click on the top For Buyers and Register Now button.

2. Fill in the Email and Verification code.Your email will receive a number of verification code. Copy the number and and then click on the Next bottom.

3. Fill in your registration information, and then click the Verify button, then you can successfully register.

4. After successful registration, back to the homepage of NoteOptics. Press the button of Buyer Sign In.

5. Choose login method and fill in the email login or account login. Click the button of Send code, the code will be sent to your email. After finishing these information, then click on the Login button to enter the Buyer Center.

6. After entering the Buyer Center, you can see your account information. Then click the button of General Information.

7. Perfect your personal information.

8. These is your Purchase Request. You can see your inquiry product and time.

9. These is your Inquiry. You can see your inquiry product, content, sender, time and reply.

10. These is your Collection. You can see your collections or shops that you have collected.

11. These is Card Manage. You can see all cards that you have exchanged with other companies about name, contact person, phone, email, time.

12. Back to the homepage of, click the button of Post Offer

13. Click the button of I want to buy

14. Enter your purchase request.

15. Besides post offer, if you want to buy some products belong to some certain suppliers, you can click Suppliers.

16. Choose the company which you want to buy its products.

17. Click the button of Send Inquiry

18. Please enter your personal & inquiry information. Then Submit, the supplier can see your inquiry info in the dashboard.

19. If you want to exchange business cards with some companies, please can click Business card exchange.

Should you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

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